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Why the name Forty4Hz - INSIA?
Forty4Hz or 44 Hz is the optimal frequency at which the human brain generates the most insights. From the very beginning, this startup focused on speed, efficiency and to deliver insights to our customers.
INSIA was created to solve the widespread problem of access to business insights without the need of an army of Data analysts or fragmented tools. INSIA as a name is derived from its sole mission of "Insights for All".
INSIA helps organizations across hierarcies, by providing them easy to understand data insights on the go.
Our Story
We are a group of data scientists and engineers who plan to bring transformational changes in the way businesses consume and interact with data. We design and build AI powered analytics products that augment human capabilities by bringing business domain, technology and analytics together. Our mission is to enable organizations leverage their data effectively to become the best in what they do.
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