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Data Pipelines
An Extremely Agile Role Based Access Control Shipped with Every Feature of INSIA
Row Level Access Control
Data access settings at the lowest granularity. Control data based on region, branch, zone or organizational hierarchy.
Create unlimited access settings and ensure vendors and employees only access the data relevant to their roles, preventing unauthorized access.
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Feature Controls
Whether it's data transformation, analysis, or advanced analytics, our platform empowers organizations to define and limit feature access based on user roles.
Strike the perfect balance between collaboration and data security.
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Govern Data Flows
Streamline and Secure your Data Flows Effortlessly with our Pipeline Management Options
All Your Data Streams
Oversee and manage all your data streams in one centralized hub.
Simplify data management by bringing all your streams together in a single, user-friendly interface tailored to enhance your experience.
ELT Pipeline Monitoring
Navigate complex data structures effortlessly with our platform's ability to manage nested data models through ELT (Extract, Load, Transform). Experience seamless integration and transformation of intricate data hierarchies, ensuring clarity and consistency in your analytics. Monitor all your data models in one centralized dashboard.
Govern Users and Grant Access at the Most Granular Level
Unlimited Groups
Create user groups for either common access settings or fine-grained access to data, features and administration.
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Unlimited Users
Experience the freedom of limitless collaboration with our platform that offers unlimited users. Enjoy unparalleled flexibility as every user, whether an editor, viewer, or collaborator, has access to the full suite of features without any additional pricing constraints. Empower your entire team to explore, analyze, and contribute to your data ecosystem without any limit.
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Business Taxonomy
We Let Your Data Speak Your Language
Your Columns - Your Way
Tailor your view by effortlessly showing or hiding columns, ensuring that your workspace reflects the information that matters most to you. Take control of data significance by adjusting column importance, and redefine clarity by easily renaming columns on the go.
Performance Indicator Management
Refine your data narrative using our KPI management page. Effortlessly manage and rename Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), tailoring them to align with your unique business metrics.
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