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Experience Lightning-Fast, 100% Accurate Insights Across Your Data Landscape
Guided Search
Our intuitive natural language interface understands your intent and guides you through your analysis journey. As you interact more, our ML engine learns and auto-improves, ensuring blazing-fast querying speed and pinpoint 100% accurate results every time.
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Slice and Dice
Seamlessly filter, group, and analyze your information across multiple dimensions with simple search terms. Whether you need high-level overviews or granular insights, INSIA's search functionality offers unrivaled flexibility and speed.
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INSIA's intelligent search bar is supercharged with a suite of pre-built operators, empowering you to extract advanced analytics with just a few keystrokes. Compare current and previous year performance, calculate percentage changes over time periods, analyze trailing twelve-month (TTM), and even generate visualizations like box plots – all without writing a single line of code.
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Floating Time Filters
Our innovative solution allows you to construct and apply any type of time-based filter with just a few keystrokes. Want to analyze data for the last 6 months? Simply search "last 6 months". Need to see metrics for a specific date range like "Jan 1, 2022 to Mar 31, 2022"?
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Conditional Flows
The Search bar goes beyond basic queries, allowing you to construct complex conditional flows with ease. Leverage intuitive "where" clauses to filter data based on specific criteria like words startingswith, ending with, or containing certain characters. For numerical values, you can quickly apply greater than (>) or less than (<) filters using simple operators.
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Tailor-Made Data Visualization: Charts That Adapt to Your Demands
With just a few clicks, you can adjust color palettes, fonts, labels, legends and more to align with your branding and preferences. Quickly modify chart types from bars to scatters or treemaps for optimal data representation.
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50+ Chart Types
Chart Types
From classic bars, lines, and pies, to advanced geometrics like scatter plots and bubble charts, our solution empowers you to choose the perfect representation for your data story. Examine geographic insights through heat maps and area distributions. Uncover outliers and clusters using box plots and dendrograms.
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Two Click Drilldown to get to the Lowest Grain of your Data
Right click to drill anywhere
With just two simple clicks, you can instantly go from high-level overviews to granular details on any chart. Right-click on a bar, slice, or data point and INSIA dynamically visualizes the underlying dimension in a new chart view. Seamlessly alternate between big-picture perspectives and granular components without losing context.
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Multiple drill Paths
INSIA allows you to pre-define multiple drill paths on a single visualization, exponentially multiplying your analysis potential. Easily configure hierarchical paths based on dimensions, measures, or custom groupings that are most relevant to your business.
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Interactive Drill paths in dashboard
Every single dashboard is a connected dashboard in INSIA. With just a single click, INSIA can give you a deep dive into that data point.
Build interactive dashboards in just a few seconds with INSIA.
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Stay Ahead with Precision: Customize Alerts for Critical Data Insights
Right click to set Alerts
With just two simple clicks, you can set intelligent alerts on any metric or KPI based on thresholds, ranges, or advanced conditions. Configure notifications for when data exceeds expectations, falls below targets, or exhibits anomalous behavior.
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Set Global Alerts for everyone
With the flip of a switch, our platform enables users to set global alerts effortlessly, ensuring streamlined monitoring for the entire organization. This centralized approach simplifies alert management, allowing administrators to establish universal thresholds and parameters across all data points.
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