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Bring Data Together
Effortlessly pull data from diverse sources, empowering you to centralize information and make informed decisions based on a single source of truth.
Connect with over 30 different data sources
Databases, Applications, APIs and Flat Files.
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Cleanse, Match, and Standardize Data
Say goodbye to errors and inconsistencies – our platform ensures that your data is clean, accurate, and ready for analysis.
Clean your data with auto-generated suggestions
No need of manual changes or to buy separate tools for data quality
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Effortless Data Transformation
Our powerful yet user-friendly data transformation feature puts you in control, allowing you to shape, join and refine your data effortlessly.
Simple Drag-and-Drop Interface
Join, Rename, and Derive with Ease
Filter, Bucket, Impute – Your Rules
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Instant Insights, Instant Impact
Our Analysis features empowers you to extract meaningful insights in record time, all with a user-friendly interface that makes data analysis a breeze.
Lightning-Fast Search Interface
Charts, Tables, Numbers – Your Choice
Create Complex Reports in Minutes (Maybe Seconds)
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Use ML to Predict and More
Uncover hidden patterns, predict future trends, and gain insights that go beyond the surface. Welcome to a new era of data intelligence.
Time Series Forecasting, Redefined
Intelligent Clustering for Deeper Insights
Performance Deviations in Natural Language
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Initially, we had considered Tableau.
The factors in our decision to use INSIA instead were:
1. The ease of use
2. The lack of true technical expertise needed to utilize and review our data
3. The customization features
Along with the system itself, we have been thrilled with the responsiveness and support we received from INSIA. We will likely never consider Tableau or another system as this dramatically exceeds our expectations.
Kris Lance
VP, Una
My team used to work for more than a week to get me the monthly report. INSIA has fastened my review process. Now all my meetings are on INSIA, no more excel, power points etc.
Vivek Ballal
COO, Trident
With INSIA, the reports that were taking me 8 hours to do every month are now automated. I cannot recommend INSIA enough. It has really shown so much value for Una. We love it. I know it is going to continue to show value as we use it.
Mercedes Van Dyke
Database Administrator, Una
Protects Your Data with Industry-Leading Standards
99.4% Uptime
<600 ms response time for 90% of requests
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Focus on insights.
Not data preparation!
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