Transforming Social Media Analytics into Strategic Advantages
Integrate all your digital channels such as FB, GA, IG, Shopify, and more to understand customer touch points and build attribution for better conversions
Track Bounce Rate, in-depth audience engagement, and social media KPIs to improve your brand positioning and outreach strategy
Monitor your ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) by evaluating KPIs such as Reach, CTR, Frequency, CPM
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From data to actionable insights with INSIA
INSIA for all
Right insights at the right time to the right person through proprietary filtering and threshold engine with dynamic control limits
Get a holistic view of your marketing function by getting insights on brand perception, consumption, engagement and conversions
Social Media Manager
Measure the ROI of your ad campaigns. Evaluate which channel works best for your business. Understand customer journey across digital touch points to serve them better
Content Head
Monitor what type of content pieces reach maximum people based on the customer intent.
Optimize all your content with the correct keywords to get maximum traction.
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Focus on insights.
Not data preparation!
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