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Join Tables Across Sources
Break down data or join them together without the complexity of SQL or Scripts
Whether you need a precise match (inner join), inclusion of unmatched data (outer join), or prefer to prioritize one dataset over the other (left or right join), our platform provides the tools for tailored data integration.
Whether you're working with numerical, categorical, or time-series data, our solution enables you to seamlessly group, summarize, and roll up information based on any dimension or criteria.
Merge datasets effortlessly, whether you require distinct records (union) or want to retain all records, including duplicates (union all).
Create Derived Columns
Create new columns on the go by using different mathematical operators, text groups or even date conditions
Text Columns
Whether you need to establish conditional relationships, merge text seamlessly, or group data, these modules ensure a tailored approach to column creation.
Numeric Columns
With INSIA, you can employ a range of operators such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, allowing you to perform intricate calculations effortlessly. Integrate constants to add a fixed value or set a baseline for your numeric columns, ensuring precision and consistency in your data.
Columns Based on Dates
Whether you need to project future events by adding dates, track historical trends by subtracting dates, or set values within designated date ranges, INSIA empowers users to infuse their data with temporal context.
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