INSIA for Manufacturing
Optimize Production for your Manufacturing Business
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Transforming Manufacturing Analytics into Strategic Advantages
Understand Service Engineer utilization, performance across branches
Track Sales, Open Requests, Claims across branches, customer segments and zones
Monitor inventory, order quantities to set min, max levels for Tools and Materials
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From data to actionable insights with INSIA
INSIA for all
Right insights at the right time to the right person through proprietary filtering and threshold engine with dynamic control limits
Sales Heads
Track process metrics such as Lead conversion, quote to order conversion %, cycle time for order creation and more to be on top your Sales game
Get an overall view of your sales organization performance across regions, products, services, sales leads and categories
Store Manager
Track POS sales, returns across SKUs, product categories, product brands and more to ensure your Store is always data-driven and top performing
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Focus on insights.
Not data preparation!
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