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January 7, 2024
INSIA: Pioneering the Future of Analytics through AI-Powered Search Excellence
Prasoon Verma

Businesses today are constantly evolving, and comprehensive data analysis is necessary to stay ahead of the competition. One of the most effective ways to do this is through business intelligence (BI), a technology that provides insights into data across an organization. But what is business intelligence? And why is it so important?

In this blog, you’ll learn about INSIA – a business intelligence tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide actionable and contextual insights. With INSIA, you can transform your analytics capabilities in a way that was never before possible.

INSIA is a no-code, self-serve, AI-driven business intelligence platform that empowers business users to make fast and intelligent data-driven decisions without technical support. So, if you’re looking for a new BI tool to help you better understand your organization’s data, then look no further – INSIA has everything you need!

Why Self-Service Analytics is the Need of the Hour

Self-service analytics is becoming more and more critical in today’s business world. The main idea behind self-service analytics is to empower business users to do their tasks using BI tools and eliminate the need for third-party organizations and IT Support teams. 

In today’s age of rapid data proliferation, business users must become self-sufficient and reduce their dependence on others. Self-service analytics allows business users to access data, perform queries, and generate reports independently- freeing up the BI team to focus on more complex tasks. 

However, the self-service process can only be implemented successfully with the help of modern BI self-service tools because traditional BI tools are not fit for self-service. Self-service business tools have a simplified user interface and are no-code platforms, enabling any business user to perform highly complex analytic tasks. 

Self-service BI tools allow users to access insights quickly without relying on the IT department, which could take a long time. They also help reduce costs significantly. Organizations that deliver self-service reporting spend far less on internal IT support than organizations that do not. Another reason to switch to self-service analytics is that it fosters data literacy and data democracy within companies. All users can access the same, up-to-date data version with self-service analytics, enabling better collaboration and productivity. According to the 9th annual report of the Dresner Advisory Services, about 62% of businesses find self-service BI essential

Why ‘Search’ is the way to go about it

The role of search in business intelligence is imperative. Whether you’re looking for insights to govern how your business runs or to improve your users’ experience, search is a powerful tool in your arsenal. In the last decade, BI tools have given business users the power to create dashboards and visualizations. But to use said dashboard, we must first complete the dashboard. Then, data needs to be pulled in, we must select visualizations, and the dashboard must address specific business questions. Unfortunately, this process usually takes a long time.

This is where you will significantly benefit from search-based analytics. It allows a business user to ask questions in plain English and immediately get actionable insights and appropriate visualizations. You can think of search-based analytics as a search engine for your business’s data. Getting a computer to understand natural languages is highly challenging, given all the nuances of the English language. But if it is done right. It is an absolute game-changer when it comes to self-service analytics!

INSIA: The Power of Search

INSIA is changing the way businesses use search engines to find information. With its powerful AI and natural language processing capabilities, INSIA can help speed up your searches and extract more relevant information from your data. It directly connects business users with data, eliminating the need for data analysts and making finding what you’re looking for simpler than ever. If you’ve ever wished that data analytics was as simple as a Google search, INSIA is for you. With its powerful search abilities and Google-like search bar, INSIA ensures you find the correct information quickly and efficiently. This is a crucial step in improving data accuracy and making better decisions. You can start using INSIA today by exploring our website for more information.


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Why is INSIA different?

INSIA is a cutting-edge analytics platform that is changing the way businesses operate. Designed for non-technical business users, INSIA offers a no-code, self-serve, cloud-first platform that makes analytics more accessible than ever. Insights for All. That’s what INSIA stands for. With its patented auto-learn algorithms, INSIA has made analytics a breeze for businesses of all sizes. In addition to providing users with real-time insights, INSIA was developed with simplicity, speed, and scale at the core of its development and design. So whether you’re a small business looking to take your analytics to the next level or a large corporation looking to make data-driven decisions, INSIA has got you covered!  

INSIA’s AI analyzes data at a rapid pace, generating actionable insights instantly, while our  end-to-end automation helps to fasten the processes of

  • Data Collection
  • Integration
  • Data Analysis, and
  • Insight Distribution

The platform uses a Google-like search bar to help users find the correct information faster. It also has auto-learn algorithms for better recommendations. In addition, it is easy to create custom-connected dashboards for deeper analysis. However, the secret ingredient that makes INSIA stand out is its singular focus on business users


Business intelligence is about making dry figures accessible to the right audience at the right moment.


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INSIA’s Features

INSIA helps business users by provisioning:

Self-service platform:

INSIA eliminates dependency on business analysts, data analysts, or other technical experts to make sense of the data. Instead, it empowers business users to use analytics in their day-to-day activities. It also helps save money on hiring technical talent.

Role of AI in Self-Service Analytics:

Self-service analytics refers to using artificial intelligence to automate analytical tasks that traditionally require human input. Modern Self-serve analytics includes guiding users with business questions like how Google recommends information as we type.

People must learn what to analyze in the chaos of massive volumes of data. AI can help them determine what they need to look for and how to search for it. In addition, AI can identify trends and patterns more accurately than humans. Automating these tasks allows you to focus on other priorities while the AI works. AI can help streamline these processes and make them more effective and efficient. 

As artificial intelligence plays a more significant role in self-service analytics, it will become increasingly crucial for businesses to understand its strengths and how to put them to use. As a result, AI helps companies save time and money while gaining deeper insights into their businesses. 

This automation of analytical processes is a crucial advantage of AI and is a critical part of its growing appeal. Businesses can increase analytics adoption if the heavy lifting of data is done behind the scenes. Business users get insights at the right time and place without asking for them explicitly. With all these advantages, it’s no wonder that AI is quickly becoming a key player in self-service analytics!


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Plug & Play Metrics and KPIs:

At INSIA, we believe in helping small businesses stay on par with industry leaders. Therefore, INSIA comes with pre-built, industry-specific, plug-and-play KPIs used by Fortune 500 companies. In addition, it also lets business users build custom KPIs & metrics utilizing a state-of-the-art, no-code formula builder. Plug-and-play metrics and KPIs make it easy to measure your success. This lets you see where your efforts are most needed and what changes must be completed next. 

Chart types:

Powerful data visualization enhances data analysis. With INSIA, you can view your data in more than 40 chart options, making it easy to find the correct chart to help you make sense of your data. While the platform automatically gives users the best-fit chart, it also provides multiple other options. With INSIA, you can confidently make decisions to help your business succeed.

Data stories:

Business users can create interactive dashboards and reports using the “data stories” feature. These allow them to monitor and analyze a variety of business-related parameters quickly. It combines multiple analyses as charts from various data sources to give a holistic view of their business process.

Users can build unlimited dashboards, each in less than 5 minutes, with no technical help using the power of search. Moreover, data stories are personalized dashboards that users can create, modify, and share as required.


unique feature of INSIA is its ability to generate automated insights for the right user at the right time. It displays insights on the business user’s homepage before emailing directly to their inbox, empowering users to be proactive and always on top of their business.


INSIA uses algorithms to identify performance deviations automatically and then routes them to the right business stakeholders.

Who is it for?

Organizations of all sizes strive to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) and search for its applications for several reasons. One of the leading platforms is INSIA, a no-code, self-service business intelligence platform that helps organizations rapidly deploy these technologies into their applications. The goal is to make data analysis faster, easier, and more cost-effective for organizations of all types. By providing insights from AI combined with search results, INSIA helps organizations make better decisions quicker by delivering actionable insights. INSIA is a powerful, easy-to-use analytics tool that enables you to manage your data independently. If you’re looking for a new business intelligence tool that will revolutionize your data analysis, then make sure to check INSIA out!

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