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How INSIA revolutionized Trident's diesel engine services with data-driven insights
Trident Services

Company Introduction

Trident Services is the premier dealer and service provider for Cummins diesel gensets and power rail engines across multiple sectors. Renowned for its extensive range of high- quality services, including sales, maintenance, and technical support, Trident has carved a niche in the industry.
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Business Challenges

Trident Diesel Systems faced a daunting challenge in their data management processes, primarily due to their reliance on manual reporting systems based on spreadsheets. This method was time-consuming and prone to human error, leading to unreliable and inconsistent data.

The key issues Trident grappled with included:

  • A labor-intensive approach to data entry and compilation, consuming valuable time and resources.
  • The slow and cumbersome process of generating reports delayed access to crucial performance metrics.
  • The inability to effectively track and manage inventory across their numerous locations, causing operational inefficiencies.
  • Consolidating and examining data distributed across their Salesforce CRM, field force application, and Siebel dealer management systems was challenging.
  • Hindered strategic decision-making and forecasting abilities, as the data was often outdated and lacked accuracy.

This reliance on an archaic system significantly impeded Trident's ability to respond swiftly to market changes and customer needs, ultimately affecting its competitiveness and growth potential.

How INSIA was Implemented

Implementing INSIA for the client was a carefully coordinated process, primarily dealing with OEM dealer operating system datasets. To streamline the integration, we activated the INSIA drag-and-drop data upload console, greatly simplifying the file upload process. This feature proved crucial in managing the regular influx of complex datasets.

significant requirement of the project involved the creation of numerous derived columns, each embedded with intricate logic as specified by the OEM. To achieve this, our team collaborated closely with the client's team, ensuring that all the necessary functionalities were effectively enabled in INSIA.

Adopting an iterative approach, we focused on one function's data at a time, deploying it end-to-end before moving to the next. This systematic strategy facilitated a thorough understandingof each function's requirements and ensured a smooth and efficient implementation process.


  1. A single platform for the seamless integration of disparate data sources.
  2. Efficient inventory management and accelerated report generation.
  3. Strategic decision-making and forecasting abilities to overcome the limitations of outdated and inaccurate data.

How INSIA solved it

Trident's decision to implement INSIA marked a transformative moment in their data management strategy. INSIA's platform, renowned for its rapid, user-friendly, and guided search-enabled analytics, offered an ideal solution to Trident's challenges.

The implementation of INSIA brought about several fundamental changes:

  1. The shift from manual, spreadsheet-based reporting to an automated, real-time data processing system significantly reduced errors and increased efficiency.
  2. INSIA's user-friendly interface enabled Trident's non-technical staff to navigate and analyze data quickly, simplifying the data interpretation process.
  3. The introduction of guided search capabilities allowed users to quickly uncover relevant insights, facilitating faster and more informed decision-making.
  4. The integration of data from both OEM databases and Trident's internal systems into a single platform ensured a more coherent and comprehensive view of operations.
  5. More efficient monitoring and analysis due to easy-to-make custom dashboards tailored to different operational requirements.
  6. Advanced analytics features within INSIA enabled more profound insights into service engineers' performance and customer buying behavior's, aiding in more strategic planning and execution.
  7. In-built support and training videos for Trident's staff ensured the full utilization of INSIA's capabilities, maximizing the platform's benefits.

Through INSIA's comprehensive and sophisticated approach, Trident's data management and analysis processes got streamlined, enabling them to become more agile and responsive in their decision-making.


Implementing INSIA at Trident Diesel Systems resulted in a monthly time saving of over 45hours on manual reporting. Consequently, leadership meetings that took four hours could now be efficiently conducted within just an hour, weekly and monthly. The guided search feature was particularly impactful, enabling staff of varying technical abilities to easily access and interpret data, thus democratizing data analysis across the organization. Custom dashboards provided tailored insights, leading to more effective inventory management and customer engagement. The enhancement in data-driven decision-making capabilities bolstered Trident's operational effectiveness and reinforced its competitive edge in the diesel engine service market.
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